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Favored Selections from Our Shop

Scratch Post for Cats

Reinforced Dual-Base for Stability: This tall cat scratching post features a 2-layers stacking base that is different from small cat scratcher can provides excellent stability, ensuring the cat scratch post heavy enough so that the cat scratcher is more stable and won't tip over easily. 

PAWZ Road 33" Cat Tree Tower Scratching Post Sisal Covered Scratcher Cats Toys

Cat Toy

Our cat toy combines the cat's favorite elements: cat feather wand, cat ball and cat Laser toy. Different functions will provide optimal mental and physical stimulation for your furry friend. It is a great choice to free your hands and help a family with multiple cats.
- The interactive cat toy designed 3 automatic rotating speed modes: slow, fast and random mode that can suit different type cats. And the cat toy will automatically turn off after 30 min of working to prevent overdraft the cat's stamina and maintains a healthy amount of exercise.

Cat Interactive Toys Laser Funny Feather Kitten Teaser Indoor Play Automatic Toy

Cat Bed


1.Plump filling cotton, cats lie in it without collapsing.
2.Removable, easy to clean.
3.Fluffy and Soft to lie on.
4.Epoxy particles at the bottom, anti-skid, moisture-proof and anti-skid.
5.With pillow.

Pet Couch Bed Washable Cat Beds Fluffy Cat Sofa for Medium Small Dogs Non-Slip

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